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As a large-scale livestock and poultry breeding equipment supplier and manufacturer, YOXIN ERGOTECH has a large-scale shipment warehouse to provide a full range of products including different chicken species, poultry equipment, breeding materials, hardware parts, lifting devices, climate control, and greenhouse products. We have excellent development & design capability as well as production & assembly factory to export our products to many countries around the world; we develop advanced equipment to stride towards the direction of sustainable development and green energy application with a view to achieving higher production capacity; we also learn the farmer's needs and customer’s feedback to make a breakthrough in the existing technology in search of better improvement and innovation. Ever since 1972, the Company has been committed to the field of poultry, animal husbandry, and greenhouse equipment manufacturing. Through continuous product improvement, we have increased our product reliability, accumulated valuable R&D experience, and developed advanced manufacturing technology. By developing a full range of products including cooling pad, exhaust fan shaft, waterproof motor, electrical & manual winch, steel wire pulley accessories, remote controller technology, and smart growth curve controller, we started from the most basic understanding of the most suitable environment in which chickens grow before studying about how to improve the successful nurturing rate and production rate. By paying great attention to every detail of each stage, we have designed better products and equipment to achieve higher goals. Aside from production and marketing, we also welcome ODM and OEM collaboration while providing our customer with optimized solutions and customized productions by listening to our customer's needs. From requirement discussion, product conception, planning & designing, tooling opening test, mass production, after-sale service, to part supply, we are here to provide you with the most complete service as well as installation advice and technical support for our products. We provide the most complete product delivery within the shortest period of time. We strictly require precise part processing, assembly, and testing in the pursuit of high-quality products. We place a great value on our customer's feedback and opinions. We sincerely welcome poultry equipment traders, facility system installers, and buyers who are interested in the company's products to contact us and place orders by phone or email. You are also welcomed to raise your question about our products or discuss with us over your requirement to develop new products, thereby establishing a collaborative relationship and achieving a mutually-beneficial outcome. The Company's products have won a number of patent design awards and passed a number of domestic and foreign testing: motor that is in line with IEC international standards, CE certification (including IP23, IP55), and UL safety certification from the United States and Canada; product that has undergone the SGS mechanical laboratory load-bearing tensile test; special specification motor that has reached IP56 waterproof and dustproof capacity; products that have passed high-standard inspection before leaving the factory to ensure safe product use and high-quality products.
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County: Taiwan
City: Changhua County 515
Address: No.6, Yuanda Rd., Dacun Township
Tel: +886-4-8537766
Fax: +886-4-8530189
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