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Changqing Optical Technology Co., Ltd.
1) Company profile Changqing Light Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. At that time, it applied the superconducting principle to LED lights, which could not only increase the brightness of light, but also decrease the heat of the lamp tube, extend its life cycle, and achieve the effect of energy saving and power saving. For example, (1) LED light at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain. (2) LED lights for Huizhou Stadium, Guangdong. (3) Some domestic fishing boat lights. In February 2024, due to the authorized cooperation with the patent developer of "Air Inlet Processor for Combustion Equipment", the company subsequently reorganized the following operating projects: 1.Mechanical equipment retail industry 2.Petroleum products retail industry 3. Automobile and motorcycle parts and accessories wholesale industry 4.Ship parts and accessories wholesale industry Mr. Wen, Chunman, the person in charge of the company, has devoted his life to the mission of environmental protection. When he founded the company, it was to produce (manufacture) environmentally friendly products. From the energysaving LED lamps in the early days to the engine optimization system that has been transformed and added today, they are all related to energy saving and environmental protection. After 12 years of R&D, testing, and verification, the R&D team finally confirmed that any engine can achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions in the real world through this optimization master technology. 1. Save fuel consumption: save 30% to 50% of fuel every 100 kilometers 2. Reduce exhaust emissions: When the engine is running, the exhaust gas is directly reduced by more than 80% internally. 3. Reduce waste heat: The engine discharges waste heat during operation, and the temperature can be decreased by 25%. 4. Power improvement: Horsepower and torque exceed the original factory data by 20%. 5. Altitude sickness reduced by 66%: Mountains above 3000m can reduce symptoms by 66%. When the above five major efficiencies are achieved, we will achieve net-zero carbon emissions, slow down global warming, and realize a low-carbon world.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taipei City 100
Address: No. 187, Shida Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.
Tel: +886-2-23651804
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