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Zong Cheng Aerial Lifts Co., Ltd.
The company independently imports all kinds of work vehicles and peripheral parts, and is professionally and completely improved by professional technicians. The condition is good and the quality is stable. Customers can use it immediately after purchase. We insist on the use of the most cost-effective, most stable JLG vehicle rental, the company's professional technicians are efficient, reducing the cost of repairing your vehicle due to vehicle failure. We also provide a "lease expires, free car" program, and provide rental, transportation, repair and maintenance services. All the vehicles of the company are regularly maintained and repaired by professional technicians. The quality is high, the faults are few, and the efficiency is fast. You can also make an appointment for "operational teaching" for the first time. You are welcome to rent and purchase. Since 108 years, the "High-altitude Vehicle Professional Education and Training Institute" has been established to provide a series of high-altitude vehicle safety training and education training, so that your labor safety quality will be greatly improved. Welcome to make an appointment.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taichung City 41355
Address: No. 448, Sec. 2, Zhongtou E. Rd., Wufeng Dist.
Tel: +886-4-23305178
Fax: +886-4-23306178
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