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Xinyi Sheet Metal Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Xinyi Sheet Metal Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan. The predecessor was Xinyi Enterprise(Sole Proprietorship) established in 1992. The company is close to Zhongtou Highway(Provincial Highway 63) and has convenient transportation, it's a professional sheet metal processing and manufacturing factory. We have nearly thirty years of professional experience for mechanical sheet metal production so that have strong research and development capabilities, also could produce various products according to customer needs, and pay attention to quality, service, and efficiency, thus winning the trust and long-term cooperation of customers, even praised by customers as "the home delivery service of the sheet metal industry." We mainly engaged in the design, manufacturing, and modification of sheet metal. Most of the products are used in machine tools, such as machine housings, machine assembly parts, mechanical base, equipment covers, hydraulic tanks, water collection trays, electrical boxes, operation boxes, switch boxes and other related peripheral components of the machine. Also including conveyor belt skeleton, production line work platform, work trolley, auxiliary support seat, storage rack, and protective fence, and other related products. We also provide valet service for surface treatment, grinding, abrasive blasting, powder coating, paint coating, black oxide, phosphate coating, etc. All along, we uphold the excellent quality and rapid service, it laid the foundation for sustainable operation. In the future, we will continue to uphold this concept and cooperate with customers to develop in an integrity manner.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taichung City 412017
Address: No. 34, Ln. 501, Dongxing Rd., Dali Dist.
Tel: +886-4-24066183
Fax: +886-4-24067410
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