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U-Manga International Business Co., Ltd.
Brief Introduction: One human being can survive for seven days without eating and drinking, but will die within five minutes without air; Evidently, air is such important to us. U-Manga International Business Co. is a company, which offers professional products regarding of deodorant in many kinds, but we do not only sell deodorants; The future vision of U-Manga International Business Co. is to use the most advanced, safe, and efficiency deodorant technologies to solve any kinds of odor problems in our daily routine, and also improving our environmental quality and life. Company Concept: U-Manga International Business Co. cooperates with deodorant technology advanced country Japan to manufacture any kinds of deodorant products. We use natural fruits with rich polyphenols as the main ingredients, and integrate a special extraction technology into high-performance deodorants. Consequently, it contains high-efficiency results and safety through rigorous testing in Japan, and completely harmless to the environment without causing secondary environmental pollution, and effective solutions to common odor of human body and home environment, with different ways from the traditional use to hide the unpleasant smell. The deodorant products of U-Manga International Business Co. will bring you an absolutely fresh feeling, and are totally environmentally friendly. Our deodorant products for the following conditions: 1. For body odor includes: foot, armpit, hair, elder, female reproductive, period, bad breath. 2. For environmental odor includes: cigarettes, bedroom, car, clothes, stockings, shoes, pets. Our deodorant technology can make types of products as following: 1. For human body use: deodorant powder, deodorant spray, deodorant lotion, deodorant ball, deodorant stick, deodorant perfume, deodorant shampoo, deodorant body wash, deodorant body wipes, and so on. 2. For environmental use: air deodorant spray, deodorant filter, refrigerator deodorant, deodorant paint, and so on. 3. For food use: chewing gum, bad breath candy, bad breath spray, bad breath drink, deodorant healthy food, and so on. U-Manga International Business Co. not only offers professional deodorant cosmetics OEM and ODM, but also sells deodorant ingredients. So far, we have consumers spreading around the world, Asia, UK, USA, and so on, we commit an enterprise with a spirit of safe, effectively, quality and service on our great consumers’ cooperation and development. We are looking forward to your joining together to create a win-win opportunity.
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County: Taiwan
City: Tainan City 701
Address: No.1-5, Ln. 139, Renhe Rd., East Dist.
Tel: +886-6-2681366
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