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Member Since 2019-08
During the early Retrocession of Taiwan, all idle industries were waiting for development. Chairman Shu-Jung Lin founded “SEKOKO Co., Ltd.” with specialization in metallic surface treatment chemical substances and materials. Over the last 60 years, Chairman Lin leads the technical team to constantly and actively cooperate with foreign advanced technologies for technology transfer in addition to introducing customers with the use. SEKOKO is also agent for best chemical substances, including the pre-treatment and post-treatment as well as full-processing chemical material supply, from the most fundamental grinding materials, industrial electroplating process, to electronic, PCB, IC, semiconductor and other functional electroplating process. The process of SEKOKO accompanying Taiwan in the industrial development resembles the history of Taiwan’s economic development. Company History September 1956 Founded SEKOKO Co., Ltd. April 1970 Founded JIUH SHUAY TRADING CO., LTD. July 1977 Founded CHINGSWAY TRADING CO., LTD. August 1983- Founded USUFRUCT TRADING CO., LTD. November 1993 Founded QIN YE Co., Ltd. November 2010 Founded ZHANGZHOU CHENGGONG Chemical Trade Co., Ltd. in China Company Profile Over the last 60 years, “SEKOKO” has upheld to the philosophy of “Customers First, Pursuit of Improvement.” SEKOKO offers the best and most advanced metallic surface chemicals to all customers through professional rigorous attitude as well as enthusiastic and friendly services. The management of “SEKOKO” always adheres to “gradual and solid foundation” without speculation. For long, we have constantly introduced advanced processing and technology to upgrade national industrial competitiveness with best efforts, expanding from the domestic to foreign markets and have become the indispensable quality partner for metallic surface treatment companies. For the future, SEKOKO will still take enthusiastic and stable steps in comprehensive expansion and marketing, in addition to striding forward to taking challenges of the new century. SEKOKO has taken the path of the labor-intense 60s, the capital-rising 70s, knowledge-dominant 80s, and the internet-technology 90s with Taiwan. Following the traces of Taiwan’s growth, SEKOKO takes one step at a time to witness the economic miracle of Taiwan. In the past we set up our foundation in Taiwan to win the respect from people and in the future, we will uphold to our original aspiration to grow with traditional and high-tech industry as the best example in successful industrial transformation of Taiwan in the new century.
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County: Taiwan
City: Changhua County 500
Address: No.274, Chenggong Rd., Changhua City
Tel: +886-4-7274234
Fax: +886-4-7226608
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