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Member Since 2019-12
Nin Syou Co., Ltd.
Nin syou Co., LTD was founded under Teng Kuan Plastics Industry Co., LTD in 2017 to expand services in the industry. Nin syou Co., LTD is especially focus on the production and selling the fresher green bag and PLA product. Due to increasingly serious problem of environmental pollution caused by plastic products. In order to sustainable living, we start focusing on the wasting food and the plastic pollution subjects. There is 30% wastage of the food in the world every year, only because of the produce has no proper storage. Therefore, we start developing the packaging which can extend the preservation of the produce. Whether for household use, for agriculture or for whole sale use, the wastage of the produce can be reduced in any part of our life. Moreover, we also move towards biodegradable materials, hoping to reduce environmental pollution, whether buried or burning. It can reduce the damage to the environment by using the PLA product.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taoyuan City 33391
Address: No.15, Aly.2, Ln.54, Sec.1, Minsheng N. Rd., Guishan Dist.
Tel: +886-3-3127660
Fax: +886-3-3112649
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