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Lih Chuang Electric Heater Co., LTD.
Company history LCEH is committed to the design and production of electric heating tube heating equipment for more than 30 years. It has many years of accumulated experience in electrothermal engineering and industry performance. In the meantime, it provides various types of industries in China (such as steel industry and petrochemical industry). The best solutions for process heating and heat treatment, such as industry, food manufacturing, cement, textiles, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, surface treatment and semiconductor manufacturing, are spared. Development and application The company's production of heating equipment is mainly based on industrial process use, supplemented by people's livelihood needs. Industrially, the company's electric heaters are used in various types of electric or gas burners such as drying, burning, annealing, tempering and surface heat treatment furnaces, as well as air heating, steam heating, heavy oil heating, chemical reaction tanks, etc. It can be used as a gas heater or as a heating metal product or mold. In addition, it can also be used to make acid and alkali resistant electric heating tubes, semiconductor electric heating tubes, explosion-proof heaters, immersed electric heating tubes, infrared electric heating tubes, metal electric heating sheets, silicone heating belts (wires), high temperature electric heating plates, and the like. The electric heaters designed and manufactured by our company are widely used, and the quality is excellent and durable. The price is flat and can meet the best economic benefits and safety. In order to meet the challenges faced by various types of industrial applications and future industrial upgrading, the company is willing to serve customers wholeheartedly, review the individual use purposes, places and methods, select the most appropriate materials, and design the heaters that best meet the needs of customers. To meet the needs of customers.
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County: Taiwan
City: Kaohsiung City 80764
Address: No. 353, Jiuru 1st Rd., Sanmin Dist.
Tel: +886-7-3843878
Fax: +886-7-3843879
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