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Member Since 2018-04
LI TSEN established in 1980, main business is the equipment of catering and sales service. Including design and planning, manufacture and service for hotel, central kitchen, employee kitchen, restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, snack bar, drink and fruit bar, and dining car….etc. We already operate over 30 years and have excellent experience and public praise. 2008 establish LI TSEN INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. to start the new business for emerging market. 2009 establish branch in Vietnam, we provide costumer business consulting. In the meanwhile we provide the convenience service that order in Taiwan but pick up in Vietnam.
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County: Taiwan
City: Kaohsiung City 807
Address: No.800, Jiouru 1st RD., Sanmin District
Tel: +886-7-3848064
Fax: +886-7-3800301
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