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Julong Laser Technology Co., Ltd.
Julong Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to precision laser cutting and laser engraving technology applications, Over the years has extensive research and development capabilities and leading production technology and specializes in a variety of materials processing applications. For example: Wood, MDF board, bamboo, leather, PU leather, textile fabrics, paper, glass, marble, nylon, silicone, rubber, EVA, PP, PC, ABS, and other special materials. More recently the introduction of the latest fiber optic laser engraving machine used in various types of metal parts and plastic color and color marking and deep engraving treatment. Currently applicable industry and products are as follows: 1. 3C tech industry:    Backlight cutting, quartz glass cutting, cutting electronic film, PP cutting board,    PET protective film cutting, appliance panels, video panels, computers and audio panel cutting 2. textile industry:    Clothing carved drilling, punching the cap piece carved, carving punch cloth, woven label and standard cloth cutting, cutting Wiper 3. Shoes:    Upper laser engraving and punching, LOGO laser Marking The paper carving art Pidiao industry:    Creative paper sculpture, greeting cards, business cards, notepads, leather carving, leather garments, handbags carving 5. acrylic products and jewelry industry:    Hair accessories, mobile phone strap, stand, feet, acrylic crystal words 6. wood industry:    Picture frames, photo albums, wooden clock, candlesticks, nightlights, screens, ornaments, wall decorations, furniture 7. toy industry:    Puzzles, model houses, model aircraft 8. Building materials industry:    Molded floor, parquet wood flooring 9. Customized Industry 10. Personalized industry The company in addition to the sophisticated professional intelligence, also spent the introduction of a variety of high-performance advanced processing equipment, To look forward to providing customers with effective solutions. And in the pioneering and development, has recently been integrated upstream and downstream industries and the establishment of new product design department and foreign trade department, to provide a complete consistent mode of operation, from raw materials, cutting, machining, painting, polishing, molding to packaging and shipment The traditional industries, the integration of technology products, breaking production bottlenecks, improve product value to create superior products, perfect to enhance quality requirements - this has been a huge Julong Laser Technology Co., Ltd. insisted shot technology and perseverance.
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County: Taiwan
City: Changhua County 50448
Address: E Building, No. 241, Minyi St., Fu An Vil., Xiushui Township
Tel: +886-47-688012
Fax: +886-47-688627
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