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Joben Bio-Medical Co., Ltd.
Joben Bio-Medical holds "Compassionate mind" as our basic to establish the enterprise. To enhance human health and concern the pain of the disease, Joben Bio-Medical engaged in the natural new herb drug research and development actively. VISION AND MISSION "With" Love Heart "As The Root Cause Of Creating " Joben Bio-Medical Co., Ltd. Abbreviated JBM, the meaning of each word J:Jesus B:Buddha M:Master Quality Policy and Quality Objectives QUALITY POLICY:CUSTOMERS FIRST / QUALITY BEST / COMPANY FOREVER QUALITY OBJECTIVES: 1. improve product safety and effectiveness 2. enhance customer satisfaction using Foundry services: 1.The enzyme product, coixenolide, sesamin, longan seed extract and antrodia fruiting related products OEM (Processing, OEM, ODM, Private Label) 2.Other healthcare supplement customized formulation design, brand planning and OEM production. 3.Medical beauty brand / grade healthcare products (function & elements confirm validation) Production. 4.Sales of raw material and ingredient development and extraction OEM / quality analysis and test services
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County: Taiwan
City: Pingtung County 908
Address: No.9 Shennong East Road, Dehe Village, Changzhi Township
Tel: +886-8-7620778
Fax: +886-8-7628018
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