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Hwe Der Machinery And Hardware Pty Ltd.
Company Profile The predecessor of Hwe Der Machinery and Hardware Pty Ltd. is Ho Dung Hardware Co.,Ftd,More than 30 years since its inception,The company was originally a wholesale retailer selling cutting tools and mechanical hardware has been in the marketing market for more than ten years. Introduced in R&D and production in 2000,Over 20 years of experience,Createyour ownbrand HD.,specialized Production of tungsten steel milling cutter,High quality tungsten steel bars from Germany and Japan,Develop high precision, high speed,high hardness Tungsten steel milling cutter for "three high",Provide users with the most peac e of mind. Vision The company is committed to improving customer productivity and tool efficiency,In recent years, I have invested a lot of power in research and development,『Anti Vibration milling cutter extension rod』and『Tungsten steel milling cutter extension rod』,Combined with the original『Solid Carbide End Mill』into a 『mold three treasures』Afterlaunch,get a great response from customers in the market,Therefore, the company is more committed to research and development of new products,In return for the public. Hwe Der Machinery and Hardware Pty Ltd.with the trust,support and enthusiasm of the customer,Will give back to customers better quality,more reasonable price,and better service,work with friends from all walks of life to create a better future,create profits together,I hope that HD. Tools will serve you with enthusiasm and professionalism. Vision Cutting tool、Solid Carbide End Mill、Tungsten steel drill bit、Anti Vibration milling cut ter extension rod、Tungsten steel milling cutter extension rod、High performance anti- vibration milling cutter. Quality Policy ORDER REVIEW INPUT QC PROCESS QC OUTPUT QC CUSTOMER SATISFACTION DESIGN CONTROL
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County: Taiwan
City: Changhua County 50843
Address: No. 2, Beining Rd., Hemei Township
Tel: +886-4-7559458
Fax: +886-4-7564341
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