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Horseshoe International Enterprise Co., Ltd.
A few years ago, Meishanqing’s long-term people realized the concept of organic life. At the same time, they also met a group of people who loved mountains and loved the land, let him step into nature, feel the land, and feel life. However, it is not enough to change oneself alone. How can it be better if more people can achieve this? Therefore, the hillside farmland will be well planned, so that more people can realize their dreams more simply. Such a group of people who have been put into practice seriously began to walk into the rural life from busy urban life, living together in nature, laughing together, sharing, working together, and enjoying life together. Every day, there are new experiences and new joys. This kind of story happens every day and a new page is constantly being developed. Our core idea of ​​using land is to manage this environment with care and to face nature with humility. Use professional knowledge to think about how to interact with this land and live with peace of mind; Our ideal is to be friends with nature; the wind that rises through the treetops, the leaves swaying in the wind; the smell of nature smells in the air, and the sound coming from behind is the sound of insects and birds singing. Living here, nature is not just an environment, but a friend who talks with you and talks with others; Our vision is to help everyone who has the same conviction to gather together, like-minded partners to share experiences, share life, share knowledge, share experiences, and know each other; What we strive for is to use our knowledge, products, and services to fulfill our customers' wishes! We understand the land, understand the regulations, understand the farming, understand the service and insist on sustainable management, understand the status of the land, make the most suitable planning for each piece of land, and live in harmony with the earth. Life doesn't have to be busy between numbers and traffic. Simply returning to simplicity is also an option. A forest language, a sky; a footstep, open a door. Meishanqing’s life is waiting for you here.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taichung City 40347
Address: 20F., No. 270, Zhongming S. Rd., West Dist.
Tel: +886-37-981605
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