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Member Since 2019-12
The predecessor of the company for Zhenyao special steel, established in 1970, is a stable, innovative and special steel, metal materials suppliers. We distributed many kinds of domestic and international special steels, metal materials, and provide professional advisory services and technical support to strengthen the machinery and mold technology for the mission. In 2016, Chairman San-Chi Wu founded HeroStar Special Steel Co., Ltd., in the focus of professional and the pursuit of excellence of solid technology to continuously develop new products and improve innovation services. Sales of products from all the special steel, metal raw materials extended to the processing technology support, uphold the spirit of service, all-round to meet the satisfications of all customers. Front-end cutting equipment leading the industry, the introduction of advanced precision special steel cutting equipment - high-speed circular saw machine and computer saws, providing customers faster and accurate cutting services, more effectively shorten the production time. The main products are black skin and polished SS41, S45C and S50C series (round bar, square bar, angle bar, flat plate), alloy steel series (SCM415, SCM420,SNCM439, SCM440, SNCM220,SACM645), alloy tool steel series (SKD11, SKD61 Round bar, flat plate, Sanyo patent steel type QCM8, QDN, etc.), high carbon steel series (SK2 round bar). Oil steel series (SKS3 round bar, flat plate), bearing steel series (SUJ2 round bar).continuously cast steel(KCD round bar), grinding rod (SK4 round bar, S50C round bar), stainless steel series (SUS304...SUS420J2)and other customized needs and a wide range of special steel, and other valet processing,and Heat treatment service. Recently in the company's efforts of all my colleagues, we are Korea's Hundai Steel Mill & Japan's Sanyo Steel Mill Taiwan dealers, the future will be targeted at the top customers, to get special steel source from Japan except Sanyo ... from China and Korea's source ... the price is reasonable to make the public expectations and expand our market share. Looking to the future We will continue to deepen the company's core competitiveness, continue to expand the metal channel market map, will continue to expand Taiwan's market share and accelerate the pace of internationalization, and strengthen employee benefits and performance bonuses, we look forward to become a business model.
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County: Taiwan
City: Tainan City 710
Address: No.342, Zhongshan S. Rd., Yongkang Dist.
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