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Healthy Necklace - HN-01

Healthy Necklace

Item No.: HN-01
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Address: Nangang Dist
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Healthy LAHOS Necklace – with FIR energy & Negative Ion
This is manufactured with a combination of minerals extracted utilizing high-tech
nano-manufacturing, it  contains far infrared and negative ion (Anion) which benefit the human body's circulation, increases metabolism and releases tension, and aid in the modulation of autonomic neuropathy.
A fine grinding of diamond is incorportated into the string chain to be worn nobly and elegantly

5 Technical features of this health of accessory are:
1. The control of fluctuations of far infrared energy , helping in cell activation
2. The utilizes far-Infrared catalytic converter technology , stabilizing the rate of energy radiation
3. From the Pendant the release of negative ions is emitted to relieve tension and autonomic nervous system mediation
4. Special design of the Pendant structure radiates the status of a soothing and comfortable
5. The thermal effects of the Pendant radiates warmth and maintains the peripheral balance of blood vessels
We have been successful in establishing our brand and sale to the international market due to our excellent quality and service of

Healthy Necklace

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