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Golden Sparks Co., Ltd.
1.Tension: 1,200KG 2.Strap Width: 19, 25, 32mm 3.Strap Thickness: 0.6mm-1.2mm 4.Machine Weight: 4.3KG 5.Air Pressure: 5-6bar 6.Machine Siz: L330mm×W130mm×H120mm 7.Net Weight: 5KG 8.Gross Weight: 6KG 1.Strap Width: 19, 25, 32mm 2.Strap Thickness: 0.7mm-1.2mm 3.Type of Joint: Single Notch Joint 4.Air Pressure: 5-6bar 5.Machine Siz: L240mm×W110mm×H250mm 6.Net Weight: 4KG 7.Gross Weight: 5KG
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County: Taiwan
City: Taipei City 10472
Address: 2F, No.386, SongJiang Rd, ZhongShan Dist.
Tel: +886-2-28851155
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