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FU HWEI Biotech CO., LTD.
In the early eras of agriculture in Taiwan, people are lived in poverty for lack of foods. Thus, they merely ate rice and sweet potato as a staple food for living. Sometime they had on the traditional chicken silk noodles as non-staple foodstuffs. Ancestors lived Wufeng (fog covered), and Mr. Lin Ruifeng (Zhenshan) is native in the township that he would like to carry forward chicken silk noodles beyond the traditional instant noodles of ancestry. In 1985, he established the MiaoShiFu Biotech Co., Ltd., that the company is operated to "FuHui" brand via various channels in Taiwan's market, also it’s deal with OEM way of commission for major mart of brands and exported to considerable countries. Chairman Lin is engrossing to be improved the producing environment of the semi-automated facilities in order to gradually conducted the standards of ISO22000, HALAL and HACCP quality control systems and to be trained on the quality concepts and 5S stipulations to staffs, after several decades of research and development the best taste of noodles to customers. He is the first master to research on the topic of chicken silk noodles, and then he gained the doctorate regarding operation management and innovation with game theory. His especial purpose on both theory and practice integrations has come true. The chicken noodles provide tension and lightness, and the flavor of the fragrant Q-appetizing to consumers. The seasoning bag included in five elements (gold, wood, water, fire, ground). The fragrant chicken silk noodles and chicken silk noodles have a variety of flavors for which it’s liked by consumers. Chairman Lin insisted on a conscience business with the food industry to the people and the mind, consumers as their own family that will be heart-to-heart, strict selection of raw materials, and strive to operate and manufacture, in order to let Taiwan's nostalgia for the best taste, sustainable inheritance on forever. Ready to eat chicken noodles after brewing with hot boiled water.
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