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Member Since 2019-10
“Flora Limited Company” was established in 1984, which was made bamboo timber floors, thin slice, wall board and bamboo timber and related products Design research and develop, obtained ISO 9001 authentication in 1999. ' Flora ' is a company which make timber and compounded building materials,, regard ' FLORA ' as the brands of the company, and research and develop the bamboo slice by itself on ' down cut ' technology, thus, It obtain 20 years of patent for invention making bamboo timber and thin slice (No. 135348, until 2018) . Lower floor damp proof to steep the cushion for quiet sound most with bamboo floor their that bamboo develop, accord with JIS (Japan's national standard) Quiet sound and damp proof standard. If the Flora building materials accord with the national test stone in the security each other, if high-temperature will not release the poisonous gas like the general building materials.
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County: Taiwan
Address: 1F., No.363, KANG LE ST., WEST DIST.
Tel: +886-5-25683106
Fax: +886-5-26011112
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