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Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station - ESE-R1

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station

Item No.: ESE-R1
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Supplier Details
Country: Taiwan
City: New Taipei City
Address: F5.,NO.510,Da-an Road.,Shulin Dist.,New Taipei City ,R.O.C.23849
TEL: +886-2-26872570
Fax: +--
Online Showroom: 34 Products
Shell material:SUS304#
External dimension:910(W)x1010(D)x2400(H)mm
Material:SUS304# stainless
Shower height:2150mm
Eyewash height:1140mm
Supply water:1 1/4" SUS304# stainless
Waste bore:2" SUS304# stainless
Shower tube:3/4" SUS304# stainless
Eyewash tube:3/8" SUS304# stainless
Spray head
Eyewash head:Nylon material,Ø50mm x 44mm(H),Include two kind filters,with yellow plastic floating cover,Basin dimension Ø345mm
Shower head
Nylon material ,Dimension Ø200mm
Hydraulic pressure:Above 1 Kg / cm2
Shower:A stainless actuator(stay open or close)
Eyewash:Hand and foot operated with special 8 shape stainless chain
Floor top:Grid pattern , FRP material , two pieces for easy clean job
Drain design:At the right and left back side with two 2” drain port combined sieve that is easy to clean
Sign:300x220mm,(Chinese & English language with graph)The signs are pasted on the left side and right side of shell.Additionally ,the other sign(480x160mm, Chinese & English language with graph)is fixed on top of the shower&eyewash station.
Operation:300x210mm,(Chinese & English language with graph)is made of plastic waterproofing material,and it is pasted above the eyewash.
Curtain:Use is sliding door of white plastic which has translucent windows in two rows,and it is easy to be opened and closed.
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Emergency Shower and Eyewash Station

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