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CHU LEI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. engaged in the professional production of Transformers from 1990 since its inception, the company over the years has been insisting on the operation of dramatic, now also has accumulated a considerable amount of manufacturing and research and development design experience, the company and the spirit of professional knowledge and technology in the product constantly seeking change. We have a full set of excellent production equipment and the latest testing equipment, the production of products have industrial transformers, series reactors, motor starter reactors, motor starter resistors, motor starter compensator, voltage regulator, automatic voltage regulators and special specifications transformers, and can cooperate with customers to develop and design various types of transformers, Whether it is a small variety, or a large number of production can be combined. We know that quality is the lifeblood of the business, from the incoming inspection, the process of the layer of quality control, to the final shipment of finished goods, each step is strictly checked and reviewed to ensure that the quality of the product excellent. The company has always uphold the professional excellent technology, quality assurance, reasonable price, delivery accuracy, we must be honest and responsible attitude, this is our philosophy. Transformer is a traditional industry, we have been as a customer is very important products to production and manufacturing, each link is layered, but also regularly instill the correct quality concept and production technology, because we believe that only the production of good products to customers, customers have better competitiveness, The reason why Gang Lei Motor can compete with Southeast Asia, Japan and other countries is not to win in price, but to have excellent quality and reasonable price, which is the guarantee of our sustainable operation.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taoyuan City 330
Address: No.18, Ln. 50, Daren Rd., Taoyuan Dist.
Tel: +886-3-3639519
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