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Genius Machinery Co., Ltd
Company profile Charng-Yuh Mechanical Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, professional in plastic extruder, plastic pelletizer, plastic recycling plant, blown film machine, plastic film extrusion plants, plastic sheet extrusion production line equipment design and planning. It also has the best credential and experience in shredder machine,waste cleaning line, film recycling machine. Technology Our aim is mastery of technology, research and development, improvement and innovation of the product, we can look forward to in the future, there are wider and farther development. In order to achieve the goal of sustainable, Charng-Yuh strictly in every manufacture process, to maintain the high quality of products. Our professional R&D team with mutally reinforcing of technology and innovation, and we also provide after sales service. Charng-Yuh uphold the spirit of cooperation with customers permanently, we will definitely make every effort to meet your requirements, with reputation service, let you continue let us serve you confidently. Product 1.Waste plastic recycling Plants 2.Under Water Pelletizing Extruder 3.PVC pellet making machine 4.Plastic Profile Extrusion Machine 5.TPU Hot-Melt Film Extrusion Plants 6.Plastic Film Extrusion Machine 7.Plastic sheet Extrusion Machine 8.Plastic Waste Cleaning Process 9.Crusher machine, Shredder machine Gloval Vision In addition to our products marketed in Taiwan, but also exported to mainland China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia and South Africa and other regions. Customers continue to identify Charng-Yuh Product Quality will be highly skilled and good reputation to promote the pride of the world country, not only expand the market for our products, but also accelerate the company’s growth. In the future, we hope to products to every where in the world.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taichung City 43444
Address: No.10-5, Tianzainei Ln., Sangang Rd., Longjing Dist.
Tel: +886-4-26301621
Fax: +886-4-26301716
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