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Axiomtek Co. Ltd.
Founded in 1990, Axiomtek is a leading network appliance platform provider, which offers standard and customized solutions for software partners and network product providers. Our all-in-one network appliance platforms give customers the competitive edge they need to stand out in their respective markets, whether it be network security using firewall, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion detection/prevention, content security with antivirus and anti-spam, or network access control (NAC) content management systems. Advantages • Stable and reliable performance in hardware solutions • Multiple LAN ports with high throughput networking bandwidth • Powerful core logic computing capability • Built-in security co-processor • User-friendly management interface • Critical environment/specification support • Customized service for tailor-made solutions Axiomtek provides high-quality and fast Design and Manufacturing Services (DMS) to our customers. We have lots of experience, capability, and R&D resources to make any DMS project a success! Customers can enjoy innovation and fast time-to-market through Axiomtek’s professional engineering services. Our DMS offers product customization from custom bezels and logos to design and manufacturing of new CPU boards and systems based on your specifications. Axiomtek is an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer with the ability to turn your concepts and ideas into real network solutions. Main Product Lines: • Fanless Desktop Network Appliances • Desktop Network Appliances • 2U Rackmount Network Appliances • 1U Rackmount Network Appliances
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County: Taiwan
City: New Taipei City 231
Address: 8F, No. 4, Lane 235, Baoqiao Road, Xindian District
Tel: +886-2-29174550
Fax: +886-2-29173200
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