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Ammon International Inc.
Founded in 1990 Ammon International Inc. began trading in the seafood industry. With experience in Taiwan-Japan Shangmaru Red Traders and more than 10 years of experience in Dahua Foods in the United States. Ammon feature products from marine aquaculture, wild-caught fish, and more. The company deeply understands that marine fish products provide humans with high nutritional protein value. In a coincidence during the 2000 seafood trade show, a European customer was looking to purchase fish scales. Given this opportunity, we learned that collagen could be extracted from the skin and scales of the fish. By that, Ammon International Inc. created a research and development team from the new discovery of European technology. After 8 years of research, the founder, Ling Chun Chen, with the cooperation of Professor Chen from Purdue University and the use of Japanese technology was able to successfully extract pure collagen from fish scales and skin that of higher quality than European technology. The research of development team used its own patented technology with the help of international leading biological enzyme engineering to create hydrolyzed fish scale collagen peptide. The patented technology converts ichthyin into collagen peptides with small molecular weight which can easily be absorbed by the human body. It can also be subdivided into different levels of collagen such as food grade, beverage grade, and cosmetic grade. The factories are designed and constructed strictly in accordance with international ISO9001 and ISO22000 ● Japanese Patented Extraction Technology ● Co- Developed with Dermatologists ● High Concentrated, pure, nano-grade fish collagen peptide (small molecule 500 DAN) is the core of the products. The concentration is 10 to 20 times that of market products which makes it easily absorbed and results are more significant ● Adhere to the full range of products without pigments, fragrances, mineral oils, fluorescent agents and natural plant-based preservatives ● All products are sent to the SGS for inspection to ensure that the products do not contain PARABON-based preservatives, heavy metals, fluorescent agents, and meets standard regulations Amelia uses collagen as its core with moisturizing series, sakura series, radiant series, and supplement series collagen probiotic and sleep well. Amelia wants to provide everyone a whole new, natural and healthy experience for their skin and body.
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County: Taiwan
City: Taipei City 111
Address: 2F.-2, No. 12, Tianmu W. Rd., Shilin Dist.
Tel: +886-2-28762691
Fax: +886-2-28762692
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