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Unique Urns For Ashes - TX6859

Unique Urns For Ashes

Item No.: TX6859
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Buddhist Scriptures Beeswax Jade Urns
  1. Urns Type: Jade
  2. Color: Apricot Cream
  3. Material Origin: Pakistan
  4. Made In Taiwan-MIT Certification
  5. Mineral Hardness: 4 To 4.5
  6. Single Gross Weight: 7.6kg
  7. Dimensions: 21*21cm, etc
  8. Urns Shape: Straight Barrel Type
  9. Application: Adult, Funeral, Cemetery, Cremation, Columbarium
  10. Customer Service: Custom Lettering And Ceramic Photos

Buddhist Scriptures Beeswax Jade in the rare as honey-like warm color, from the side of the jar combined with "Prajna Paramita" by using of characters or scripture to "listen, contemplate, and reflect", to attain prajñā wisdom, surpass the life and death cycle, and reach the realm of liberation, a "Bliss Pure Land". When you practice to the highest level, being able to understand the world's all the people and the things is empty, it can also surpass the sorrow of suffering. So that its jade has a soft feeling of presence. The soft radiance exudes optimism attitude, leading this attitude towards things in the world, everything can be viewed from a positive perspective.

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Unique Urns For Ashes

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