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Member Since 2019-06
“When I was a university student in UK I love to try different style of beer, and then I start homebrew by self-study. The first sip of British Bitter is the key lead me to the path of brewer, that was the first time I understand beer can be that diverse. In order to try more beer style, I bought almost all different beer in beer section of a supermarket, and I did same thing in a homebrew shop for homebrew equipment… then my brewer life started...” The founder of Tsai’s Actual Brewing, Hsiao Wei Tsai educated in VLB Berlin with 10 years brewing experience, which interested in brewing technology, different beer styles and beer tasting. After the journey in Germany, he back to Nantou Taiwan and start to build his own tour brewery in a deserted styrofoam factory. The brewery opened on May 2017, and it got award of one gold winner, two sliver winner, and Taiwan brewery of the year in Berlin International Beer Competition 2018. Tsai’s Tour Brewery located in Caotun Nantou, it is the only brewery that brew traditional British ale in Taiwan, also we are specialty at many beer styles in different regions of world. We aim to develop new beers that brew by using local ingredients, and establish this tour brewery with educational value, that visitors can have fun and learn beer culture. Craft beer is good, please support craft beer culture with us in Taiwan!
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County: Taiwan
City: Nantou County 542
Address: No.1146, Bishan Rd., Caotun Township
Tel: +886-49-236858
Fax: +886-49-236959
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